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We are temporarily out of service FOR CREDIT CARDS AT THIS TIME, if you want to purchase items we are excepting cash, money orders, and checks at this time please contact the shop via phone at


 or  e-mail me at hempyville.we.cbd@gmail.com  

My hours are 9 am to 6 pm Monday threw Friday

About us

   This place is awesome and they are very knowledgeable and professional.  Going back soon for sure!

–    Terry Allen Carter II

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidoil and is used for so many benefits for individuals.

Some benefits are helps with anxiety, in humans and animals, addiction, bipolar, and many more.


our story

My wonderful husband is a disabled vet and fought in Desert Storm for this country, but when he came home to stay he was always in so much pain.  Seeing him like that all the time was painful to see, so I researched ways to help and started with essential oils to help ease his pain.  Then I met an amazing young man who showed me a better way to help your body heal instead of having to take man-made prescriptions.  This has worked so well that I wanted to share my knowledge with the world to help anyone I can.  I myself don’t just believe in the healing power of CBD, I also use them as well.

our products

Come check out our line of products made of 100% Hemp Cannabidoil! We have a variety of choices to fit everyone’s needs or wants!!  There is even stuff for your furry friends.

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